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Howard Voren's Articles
The Grey Cheek Page.
The Bird Placement Program
The Bird Hotline.
The Amazing Amazons
RTC Bird Chat
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Micro Bio Products
L & M Bird Leg Bands
Join Us!
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Birds & Lighting
The Pets Directory

A place to find all your pet needs.
The Bird Hotline

Our goal is to reunite lost birds with their families, and with our heartwarming Bird Stories increase the public's awareness of the wonder of birds—these loving, warm, caring, intelligent little beings with wings. To improve the quality of their lives by answering your bird questions on the Bird HelpLine and Vet Talk.
Hewitt Consulting

This is our webmaster.
Plan For My Future

Companion Bird Estate Planning:

Not something we like to think about, but with his potential to live a very long life, it is a reality that he very likely could face some day.

This web site is dedicated to encouraging parrot owners to solve this problem by putting a written, legal document in place so that, in the event their
treasured birds outlive them, there will be someone out there who will step in and give them a loving home.
Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease (PBFD) - An Epidemic On The Horizon

"This disease does not discriminate. It doesn't care if you think you're a good breeder. It doesn't care if you're a caring bird owner is a disease on the horizon of becoming an epidemic...and YOUR BIRD could be next...."

Must reading.... Smiles
Avian Network
US Code - Title 7
Animal Welfare Acts and Regulations - USDA
Federal Animal Welfare Act and Regulations
Legal Information Institute
Animal Protection Institute
Parrot Pages

Many links from here to every imaginalbe place.
The Green Guide

The Green Guide is committed to providing information on a wide variety of environmental and health topics and to make them personally relevant. The editorial staff diligently seeks the facts and reports them, providing thorough and honest coverage of the issues and the solutions, and upholding the highest professional standards.

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